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Thread: Corsica late May into June - any advice?

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    Corsica late May into June - any advice?

    I'm off to corsica with partner and young child during May half term. Cheapish (easyjet) flights then under our own steam or public transport from the airport. We're carrying camping kit but are looking for a good child friendly campsite as a base camp. We're not backpacking or intending on really long walks. Five year old without experience of heat and walking in heat. Everywhere we go will be by foot, public transport or hire bikes if we can get them.

    Anyone done this? Any suggestions?

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    So what are you looking for? Campsite for childrens or how to plan your outdoors activity with child? I've been on Corsica about 2 years ago with my wife but just backpacking and used to lie out on the beach

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