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Thread: Tarptent Stratospire 2 - mesh inner to swap for partial solid inner?

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    Tarptent Stratospire 2 - mesh inner to swap for partial solid inner?

    I own a Tarptent Stratospire 2, with the all-mesh inner option. I would like instead the solid inner. Thought I'd put this out there on the off chance that someone is in the opposite position and would like to swap...?
    I am UK based and my mesh inner is in as-new condition... Used only for one night in Snowdonia.

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    I would keep the mesh inner...Replace it with a solid inner and will suffer from major condensation issues...That is why so many tents now have mesh inners, it is to stop condensation, which can quickly ruin your sleep, especially when you have a down filled bag. If you are worried that it makes the tent colder than one with a solid inner, cut a space blanket down to fit the floor of your tent and put your sleeping kit on that, so that it reflects your body heat back up towards you, keeping you warmer. A full sized space blanket only weights about 30 grams so cut down to fit your 1 one person tent (if that is what you use?) then it will probably weight closer to half that. They can be easily folded up and take up virtually no space at all in your pack...Cost about 89p each on ebay.
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