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Thread: SatMap Xpedition 2

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    SatMap Xpedition 2

    Just to let everyone know that the latest incarnation of Xpedition is now in open beta at I've had a play with it and have sent SatMap a lot of feed-back. It's OK but in my view needs a lot of work. I'll post my comments if there is any interest.

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    Hello UJ, would be very interested on hearing your comments on Xpedition 2. I agree it seems more alpha than beta, that’s for sure. My main gripes were that despite having an Xpedition Premium subscription I could not use OS mapping, which was always greyed out. The only advice they could give me was to clear my browser caches which of course I had already done. Due to this fundamental problem I didn’t try out any of the other functionality of the tool.

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    Hi Union John, it would be good if you could post your comments. I have just tried the Beta and find that it's a great improvement but am having some issues. Thanks

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