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Thread: Would you abandon your best mate?

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    Would you abandon your best mate?

    I only know here what I’ve read online. Apparently a Mr Paul Finnegan from Shotts abandoned his 12 year old collie on Beinn Sgulaird when the collie collapsed. The quote from Finnegans family was “he was forced to put his own survival first and leave the dog behind.” The dog did not survive.
    So a couple of questions:
    1) Would you totally abandon your best mate if he collapsed or went lame.
    2) Would it make any difference if your mate happened to be a dog.

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    i carried a ladies collie size dog home when it collapsed---1/4---1/2 mile??---bl--dy heavy and awkward----couldn t have carried it far especially over rough ground

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    It probably wasn't a great idea to take the ageing dog up there in the first place.

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    If someone regards conditions facing them as a matter of survival then hard decisions may have to be made.

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    As Glyn points out, probably wasn't the smartest idea to take a very old dog (by collie standards) so far out in the wilds. Collies aren't usually particularly large dogs, so if it was me, I'd have slung it across my shoulders and made an effort to save it. When I trained as a fireman we had to run laps of the fire station with another recruit over our shoulders.
    There's so much we don't about know this story, like the man's age, state of health and fitness, or was the dog on the point of death anyway etc. so we can't get too judgemental.
    All the same, the dog would have been better left at home.

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    My dog, a collie, is 10 and a fair weight, I can't take her anywhere where help could not reach us. Leaving her would be heart breaking. When she was a pup I carried her down Cnicht in my pack as she was simply knackered.

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    Lots of question marks that could be theorized about and debated, but essentially, to answer your question, I would leave a dog if I felt it wasn't going to make it and staying would jeopardize my survival. Not a heartless bastard, but desperate situations call for desperate measures.
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