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    Hi All

    I am thinking I would like to do a circuit of Andorra. There is a waymarked route called the GRP, and a circuit of sorts sketched out in the Cicerone guide "walks & climbs in Andorra," but I would rather do a proper circuit that stays close to the border and uses as many of the border ridges as possible. Does anyone know if this has ever been done, or if a mapped route exists?
    I have given a few more details in my blog post

    Jerry W

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    Following this....
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    Interesting, not so popular destination IMO. But I am sure it's a great place. visited your blog

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    Thanks for sharing! I find it helpfull for those who gonna go to Andora

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    I have a plan to go to Andorra but it hasn't happened yet. I heard a lot of interesting things there
    I can't access your blog page

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    nice photos you have in your blog

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    Nice photos in your blog. Recently I started to study English. Next month I am going to Andorra. I am attend to language school. I booked cheap plane tickets to this beatiful country. Now is season of cheap flights to Europe so It is great chance for traveling abroad.

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