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Thread: Hilleberg Soulo tent and ME Dragonfly 2 tent

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    Hilleberg Soulo tent and ME Dragonfly 2 tent

    I have two tents that I am looking to sell. One is a red Hilleberg Soulo 1 person tent. This is a fantastically stable winter tent with a good sized porch and build quality of the highest order, but hasn’t been used very much and hence I’m looking to sell and get something lighter weight. The second is a green mountain equipment dragonfly 2 tent, green in colour, and has seen good service in various UK mountains, but again I’m thinking two tents is one more than I need, hence the sale. New Soulos are quite pricey but I’d happy take offers in the range of 400. The dragonfly is older and happy to consider sensible offers. Hope someone might be interested. Rod
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    Interested Pm Sent

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    pmd you interested , cheers

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