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Thread: Boots / crampons for Scotland

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    Boots / crampons for Scotland

    I'm looking at going to Scotland in December and doing some walks whilst there. My current winter walking boots are grade B1 and so suitable for C1 crampons. Will thes be okay or am I better off buying ones compatible with C2 / C3 crampons?

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    Depends where you will be walking and what you hope to achieve. The weather is very changeable in December and I would be happy in C1 crampons but would be watching the weather especially the thaw freeze cycles. I wouldn't be so keen to take on routes which require scrambling or climbing though.

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    Thank you Scott. We definitely wouldn't be doing any climbing/ scrambling. We're looking at staying near Fort William so walking in that sort of area. No intention of walking up Ben at that time of year though.

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    Crampons are no good without an axe and both are no good without knowledge of how to use correctly...

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