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Thread: light, long and cheap hardshell wanted

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    light, long and cheap hardshell wanted

    My Bergans Super Lett lady has finally died. I guess it's about 10 years old now.
    I'm looking for a new lightweight, but not so plastic-ky jacket that is long enough to cover the backside and with a mesh inside or anything else that makes it more pleasant warm temperatures. I'm looking for a budget solution.

    I've looked at the Regatta Women's Cross penine III several times now. It's kind of what I'm loooking for but I feel it's a bit too thick especially around the breast pocket. And I would prefer a lighter colour to dark green or dark blue for those sunny, yet windy days where just going in a shirt is too cold. Not pink though!

    I also looked at the Regatta Calderdale II, but it's too short and looks like a bag of potatoes if I chose a size that is big enough to wear a fleece underneath. And it's less waterproof/breathable I guess.

    (I guess I want a Super Lett again, but it's too expensive, and currently not available in lighter colours)
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    Rohan Hilltop is ticks all your requirements and then some.

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