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Thread: Harveys/BMC Map - Snowdonia

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    Apologies if this is old news, but any pre-publication publicity had certainly escaped me...

    Browsing the Harvey Maps website I've just stumbled across the Harveys/BMC map for Snowdonia - 1:40,000, waterproof material, extra info on the back etc. - just like the wonderful Lake District one that came out about this time last year.

    The website says 12.95 (+1.50p&p) and available from October 25th i.e Wednesday.
    It's also in the shop on the BMC website, also 12.95, or only 9.95 for BMC members, and 1 p&p, but says available early November.

    No doubt it'll hit the shops more generally fairly soon...
    I've ordered mine!

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    Good to hear it... and I hope they do many more areas.


    I have to say that the geological map on the back of the Lake District map is no use whatsoever, and I hope they replace it in due course. The colours on the geological map bear no relation to the legend, and I don't understand why everything has to be skewed and blurry. I have a good working knowledge of Lakeland geology, but this map is totally confused.

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    Also, the map isn't quite indestructable. I've already managed to scratch the print off two points of my Lake district map. Quite impressive considering I only used it for one and a half days!

    So although you can't rip it, you can scratch off your route!

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