Warmest greetings on a cold, grey day Outdoors Magicians

Here is a Xmas offering and a wee video about my friend Andrew Walker. Andrew is a gnarly "old school" climber with loads of bonkers tales to tell of a life less ordinary and has done oodles of big, serious routes over decades of climbing. Unfortunately Andrew had a very serious and life changing accident about 10 years ago. However he is not a man to be easily deterred and after a couple of years in a wheelchair and a very lengthy rehabilitation, he returned to climbing and can bust some moves up to a pretty amazing standard with some inspiring ninja skills!

We decided that the 3* VS super-classic Armorican at the delightful and photogenic Craig Caerfai near St Davids in North Pembroke would be an ideal route for Andrew to have a go at. Apart from being the crag classic, we thought Armorican would provide him with a pretty darn tough but hopefully attainable challenge. And did Andrew manage to climb the route I hear you ask? Well have a look at the following vid featuring featuring his life affirming story, some aerial footage and some devilishly dynamic dyno's to find out!

All constructive feedback welcome, please feel free to share to your Facebook friends and hopefully it will brighten up your tea or lunch break with a drink and mince pie! :-)

Merry Xmas!