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Thread: The Barbados Travel!

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    The Barbados Travel!


    It was wonderful and an experience which could never be explained by words, our honeymoon! After being in a relationship for 4.5 years, we got married in this September. From the day itself, we started the big trip, the most exciting trip!

    It lasted for two months, and we couldn't still come out of that hangover! The Niagara Falls, the Quebec City, Cape Breton, Vancouver Island are some places which helped us the most to enjoy our togetherness. But, the Barbados travel is the one which we want to experience again and again.

    With a missing feel, we realize we couldn't bring that atmosphere to all seconds of our life even though we badly want it. It was such a beautiful and romantic place which was beyond all our expectations. They offered the ideal accommodation and naturally beautiful setting for an idyllic honeymoon.

    Never miss that wonderful experience! Good luck all the newlyweds! Thank you.
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