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Thread: Jura for a couple days

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    Jura for a couple days

    Heading out to Jura for a couple of days. I'm thinking about an overnight trip to Ruantallain bothy or would Glengarrisdale be better?
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    i was there 3 years ago in march----i wanted to get to glengarrisdale but it was 4-5 miles from the road on the east side---i probed in a few places trying to find a track but it all looked like tussocks and bog and slow going------i walk alone and always thought that if i sprained an ankle i would just set up tent and rest for 2-3 days but couldn t even see big enough dry spots to put an atko----i had already been to the north of the island to see the corryveckan and had walked through a 1/2 mile patch of tussocks with water up to my calves---i wimped out----i hope you are younger and bolder than me---cathyjc on trek-lite has been and done very good trip reprts and photos---good luck

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    I was supposed to go to Jura on two occasions but didn't get around to it. The first time I ran out of time on a 3-month Hebridean trip, and the second time I wasn't fit enough (minor knee injury I didn't want to worsen). A lot of it is very tough going from what I'm told. I may look for a walking-partner before I go.

    I know that doesn't answer your question. Maybe you've been already. If not, Peter Edwards has an excellent walking guide for Jura (bothies included), published by Cicerone.

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