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Thread: Alpkit Tetri.... any experience

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    Alpkit Tetri.... any experience

    I was noseying over the alpkit site with a cuppa.... their tetri backpacking tent looks interesting (fly first, geodesic). Has anyone got any real world experience of them?

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    I've wondered about their tents. Not many reviews for them anywhere. IIRC their tent range isn't that old so little known about their durability. Their 3 year guarantee is good though. I see the flysheet hydrostatic head is quite low at 3000mm. In comparison, bog equivalent Vango tent material is 5000mm. However in real world terms in UK weather I don't know how much of a difference it actually makes. As with most 2 person tents, I'd want to be on very good terms with whoever I was sharing with as it will be snug!
    I have a 3 person Vango Nova 300 for my OH and I for 3 season camping, wouldn't want to go smaller.
    For just me I'd get something lighter if I had to hike with it, for 2 persons I'd get something bigger.
    Just my two pence!

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