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Thread: Hello from London

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    Hello from London

    Hello EveryoneMy first post! Looking forward to reading all your stories and hopefully sharing some of mine too.
    Best wishes

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    new jersey
    hello londonnnnnn well i am so excited

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    Welcome on board!
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    Welcome to the forum, Tom!
    I'm new here as well. And so excited about it. Also, I have a question for you, would you recommend me some really nice cosy places in London. Next month I'm going there, but I still not sure where I should spend my free time. It might be the City of London... or it could be some really nice spot in 3rd or even 4th zone. Also, I little bit worry about my sweet cat... As usual, I never left her for a long time... like a week, and it totally makes me nervous! It's my first time. So, I even asked my neighbours to come to my place and have checked and feed her 3 times per day. Moreover, I even purchase this smart stuff:
    I think this is the best solution for my cat. At least, if something happened I able to watch at her every minute and immediately have a call to an emergency.

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