Hi, I walked the section from Hendaye to Gourette in September. I thought I'd mention something about the fuel situation in case it's useful to anyone. The guide book says that meths is readily available so I took a small fuel bottle and the inferno wood burning inset for my caldera cone as back up. But actually meths (alcool a Brule) is not that easy to find, at least not in the small villages that we mostly passed through. We had to take a morning out to hitch down to the nearest town to get some, and after that i carried the full 1.5 litre bottle it was sold in so as not to risk running out again. This makes meths a heavy option and it also meant that I had no motivation to save fuel by burning wood so I didn't use the inferno at all. On the contrary, I became promiscuous with meths so as to have less to carry (nice slow stews!). Lugging that bottle of meths around was a pain but I don't see anyway to avoid it unless you are confident of the next place to buy some more. St Jean Pied de Port is big enough, then nothing until Gourette where there is a supermarket that is open in August but not September. Then the next place will be Cauterets. I know this now but didn't then. Also getting food was not always that easy and we carried more than ideal. Some shops listed in the guide are not really food shops but tourist shops selling a few chocolate bars and what not, but not pasta, meat or veg. Cheese of course you can buy anywhere, up the mountain, and very good it is too.