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Thread: Lakes Trip pt 1

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    Lakes Trip pt 1

    I knew it was going to be an exhilarating and testing day the moment I stepped out of the car.
    Being prepared for a trip is so important, not to mention, looking the part.

    YETI Gaiters, RAB down jacket and MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT waterproofs, OSPREY rucksack plus my trusty BLACK DIAMOND Poles all brand new were sure to make everyone think I was hardcore. After all it was 18 degrees and sunny so it was all needed, needed to make a statement.

    Off I set, the challenge for the day, Ambleside Main Street The initial approach was long and boring, but I could see the hill ahead so I decided I had to take refreshments on board while I had the opportunity. Esquire Coffee it had to be.
    Well, by now my head was buzzing. If only I had my go pro, my youtube and Facebook followers would surely be in awe.

    The first major hurdle was to traverse away from Gaynors, it was a decisions take on the lethal 4inch drop onto the road or take the advice of my partner and venture in.

    It was decided that as we had all new gear on looked like 'proper mountaineers' we were now super heroes and ready for anything. The trustee black diamond pole was placed below my feet onto the cobbled lay by, mind over matter told me to take the leap of faith. I got knee tremble as my foot lowered.

    Then BAM! A car drove through a puddle, bloody hell I'm so glad I was geared up. The gaiters had paid off already. Anything else like that, I might have to call out MRT, after all they are there at my beck and call, aren't they !
    I eventually made it across the 18 foot, to be confronted by Tog24. No, it was a choice, make rapid succession of big steps, or to cross back with enough of a deviation to miss Gaynors only tobe confronted by Blacks. Both would have consequences in hitting my emotions.
    We stayed with the Tog option, it was a rapid but easy move.

    25 feet, and there it was, the first real test of our staying power. The Epicentre but it had a sale. How could this be avoided , well suffice to say it was the first deviation of the day. Heading due west, we stepped up the 'bad step' . The scenery was amazing, all that mighty gear of all colours, well it was a site to behold.

    But wait, there it was, something I'd never have expected on my planned route, steps, yes real steps. I'm so glad I had my poles with me to make the ascent to the sales floor. I look so cool with them. Something caught my attention first, I turned 90 degrees and I forgot they I had a 40 litre pack on and took out a young lady holding a baby. Bloody hell how dare she be in a shop for people like me, so of course I didn't apologise there's no need!

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    The Gaynors traverse is notoriously tricky

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