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Thread: Football on Everest

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    Football on Everest

    im leading a trek to Everest Base Camp in April 2018 with a slight twist.
    We are looking to beat the Guiness World record for the Heighest
    Mixed 11 a side football game ever played (next to base camp.)In order to comply with the Guiness
    world records I need 3 qualified referees to help out with the game. If interested let me know,
    i can let you go at cost price as I really need you for the record .

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    Football will be football and ability is ability. Be that as it may, the outlook of your group has a significant effect. I never longed for being a mogul - I longed for being a football player. additionally Sure, climbing Mount Everest would be cool, however, that is something I might now want to do as a family. Enormous encounters like that I would prefer not to have alone any longer. I need to share them.

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