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Thread: Hello from Ffynnongroyw! Quite a mouthfull

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    Hello from Ffynnongroyw! Quite a mouthfull

    Hi all,

    Andy here, currently residing in North Wales... what a playground I have nearby!

    Loads of questions bubbling already but I'll try and post them in the appropriate forum.

    If you're out and about in Snowdonia or the Clwydian hills and spot someone scrambling in some ridiculously garish day-glo colurs with a beagle (always) in front, say hi as it's probably me!

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    Very quiet here these days, but hello A fine place name!

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    Hi Andy
    Welcome - please feel free to ask your questions, as Martin says this isn't the most active forum, but there's still a lot of expertise here.


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    Hi Andy! Wondering if you know of any wild camp and hiking spots around Snowdonia?

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    Hi and welcome Andy!

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