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Thread: Best waterproof boot nowadays?

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    Best waterproof boot nowadays?

    So that's it, i guess this topic has already been touched a lot but in the search engine i didn't find something as esact as I need. I'm looking for recommendations about waterproof boots, 2016-2017 or older if still available on amazon . Somehing about $80-150. I'm interested particulary in their waterproofing more than anything else. Right now, after some search, I have these options for now but feel free to recommend others
    Hi-tec altitude LITE I
    Hi-tec altitude V
    Solomon evasion mid GTX
    Solomon the 4d ones GTX
    Timberland Chocorua tRail GTX
    Timberland white eldge mid WP
    Quechua Forclaz 500 (have read they're really decent)
    Merrell Capra Bolt and Merrell Fraxion shell

    Also not hiking boots but if someone knows about how good is the waterproof in palladium boots I would be eager to know and very grateful.

    I will use them in rainy conditions, hiking on the mountains of course but also I plan on using them on some urban rides on bycicle.


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    Unfortunately, nobody, but nobody, can tell what is the best boot for you!

    Boots are such personal items that depend both on the anatomy of your feet and personal metabolism so that what suits one person will cripple another (only a slight exaggeration). For example, I will only buy boots that have a waterproof membrane lining, but others on this forum will tell you that they would never buy such boots because it makes their feet too hot. Similarly, some members will recommend running shoes as the best form of footwear, but I've tried them and found them wholly unsatisfactory.

    I'm afraid that this is not much help. All I can say is that for years I've relied on Brasher Supalites for walking in all conditions except where crampons are required. I only mention them because you do not list them but, bearing in mind what I've written, you may not like them. Other things being equal, it's worth noting that they have been in production for many years which is often a good sign.

    Good luck!


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    If you're considering footwear for both hillwaking and riding your bike, mids might be the way forward in terms of comfort. With fabric boots, the waterproofness depends on the waterproof liner in the boot, and these last a variable amount of time. If that goes, you can always wear waterproof socks like Sealskinz to give them a new lease of life.

    But as Hugh says, the best boots for you are the ones that fit best. Probably worth going to a decent outdoor shop wearing your normal outdoors socks, in the afternoon*, and try some on!

    * apparently feet swell slightly during the course of the day!

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    Out of the ones you've picked out. I have a pair of Solomon the 4d GTX and the waterproofing is brilliant. They are a narrow fit and go half a size up otherwise I can't fault them.

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    NO body can tell which one boot is best if you can use the boot for just drive a car and after that, you go to your office so you can use the normal boots for that but if you want to go for hunting over there is also water or mud for that purpose you should buy waterproof boots so most important thing is for which purpose you need to use boots the company which i like the most Hush Puppies

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    The Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof Boot is the boot I would recommend you for its waterproofing feature. Using it for about nine months without any problem. The boot it odor free and I was looking for something like this. It also met my budget. Chose this pair following a buying guide for hunting boots.
    Hunting Boots Buying Guide
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    For waterproofing Timberland is a best brand. I personally recommend you Timberland Chocorua tRail GTX, but according to me boots are the thing which talk about our personality. So, Choose it very carefully. For more choice you can see at:

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