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    hello people

    Hi there, I'm Jonathan. I just discovered the forum, it's such a same because I have been looking for expertise and advice since a few months ago. I'm kind of new in the hiking world and stuff, but i have some miles on my tires already, just didn't know the more "professional" part of this. I'm lookinf forward to learn.
    Regards to all.

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    Hi Jonathan, welcome to the Forum :-)

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    The Hello People, was created during late 1967 in New York by producer Lou Futterman. There is precious little information on this group that is available on the Internet.

    The manager of the musicians De Crux taught, Lou Futterman, decided he would implement this new concept. He then put together a new group of musicians who would perform in mime makeup and do mime routines between songs, never speaking a word to the audience.

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