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Thread: Alpkit Brukit mod

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    Alpkit Brukit mod

    does anyone own this cooker?

    has anyone modded it successfully or found other pots that fit it?
    wanted to try and get more use out of it rather than just boiling water
    or should i stick to pot noodles on the trails

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    I have the Jetboil minimo (similar to the brukit) and got it as the gas control is very precise and so it's good for simmering.
    Have you thought about possibly bringing your own diy dehydrated meals? Just got to add water to the bag then and wait for it to rehydrate.
    I tend to have a lot of cous cous mixed with various things. Reasonably high in calories for its weight and is done in 5 mins when water is added. Instant mash is another fave of mine on hikes/camps.
    Or general boil in the bag meals, can do your own or purchase them (they're quite expensive though.)
    As it's only for a couple of days at a time I'm not too fussed about what food I have, just as long as it gives me the energy I need.
    Lots of decent food about just from adding hot water though.

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    doesn't the Brewkit come with a widgit that allows you to use it like any other gas stove - pretty sure it does...

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