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Thread: Kasper & Richter Tramp Compass

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    Kasper & Richter Tramp Compass

    OK HAVING HAD SEVERAL SILVA COMPASS AND MOST OF THEM GETTING AIR BUBBLES I HAVE DEVELOPED a collection of various types and makes of compass and recently started collected the Chinese military lensatic compasses some of which are very good and about 16.00 mark also the decathlon lensatic compass is my favorite at the moment.
    so my question is i have been looking at and bought the Kasper & Richter Tramp Compass. which is a lensatic compass from amazon i dont know if it will be any good so has any one used one of these

    the scale on the edge of the compass is in 1.50.000 how would you use that scale with a os 1.25.000 scale map cheers!. it has just arrived the compass face the mils and degrees are all in black instead of red for the degrees and black for the mils ,there is the bright yellow movable north line but no direction of travel line. it seems to be quite a nice compass and well worth the 12.99 from amazon. but the QUECHUA C400 SIGHT COMPASS KHAKI from decathlon is in my mind the better compass almost the same but with the easier to read face.

    mils in black and degrees in red plus the direction of travel line and the luminous dots and below the sight wire and bright .ok it is 16.99 compared to 12.99 for the tramp kasper compass there both good but the c400 compass has the edge and there a fraction of a price of a silva compass which are famous for the air bubbles just when you have got in to the middle of nowhere
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