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Thread: Tent poles - which make are best and which are to be avoided?

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    Tent poles - which make are best and which are to be avoided?

    I've only had one set of poles fail on me but it was a pain so don't want it to happen again. What poles are good and what to avoid?

    So far I've only had wild country superflex poles fail. They went at the join between two pole segments where the insert snapped the end of the pole it was attached to. Whoever designed that pole thought putting 4 holes into the outside of the pole at the end to grip the insert was a good idea. It wasn't because the end of the pole splintered from these holes after a week's use in calm conditions.

    So I like the idea of DAC poles. The press fit seem to be good because they don't use.mechanical fixing of the inserts or glue. As I understand it they're just a tight friction fit. No introduced weakness.

    What about DAC featherlite, yunan and Easton poles? What's a good make and model of pole to look for in tents?

    Also, anyone replaced their tent poles completely with aftermarket poles before? Is that possible and a good idea if a good tent has dodgy poles?

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    Looking up some specs the other day , I noticed that MSR is using Easton Syclone with their expedition tents but DAC Featherlite with some 3 season shelters.
    Anyway, some poles are hard or impossible to get retail and each brand has more than one series of poles so it can just be not what brand but what specific type.

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