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Thread: Youtube and harmful videos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toot View Post
    Maybe some are quietly altering their practices, without comment. Some could be selling their axe to buy a stove – and there may be those as keen as ever to buy an axe!
    Worth noting for Hughes benefit if no-one else's, that there are at least 2 UK facebook groups on the subject of 'wild camping' that ban pictures of camps with fires. I've left the ones that don't as the prevailing attitude is big knife & fire is right, little knife & no fire is sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metric Kate View Post
    A good thing to take issue with, Toot, well done.
    totally agree, a couple of years back I saw a post with a picture of folk having a fire in the observatory on The Ben, the only wood available was that within the building, but some people thought it was ok to do that. It makes me question the knowledge, let alone common sense some people have.
    Like Ross I was on a Facebook group about wild camping, I got that annoyed with these people I left it, Interesting they've banned these pictures but I bet the message doesn't get through

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    I am particularly aware of Facebook wild-camping groups that remove posts featuring improper use of open fires and/or request they are not used, and I applaud this stance. To my mind that action is as justifiable and responsible as seeing that Youtube videos showing inappropriate use of open fires are taken down. The reason and intended outcome of either action so far as I am aware is the protection of our environment and of the reputation of wild-camping and wild-campers. I would find it disappointing if a responsible wild-camper thought this was other than correct. If nothing is done in response to the inappropriate use of open fires in wild-camping then the practice will likely continue and if it is seen without challenge on social media it may be misconstrued as acceptable thus become more widespread and the harm done to environment and reputation of wild-campers increase. In practical terms, on the ground, I see signs that this harm is on the increase. Doing anything about that via social media surely does more to get the intended message through than doing nothing - even if it only raises awareness then discussion of the issue can have a persuasive and perhaps beneficial outcome. The only way the right message will get through is if someone spreads it any way they can - preferably everyone! Best to try methinks...

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    I don't really have a problem with people lighting a fire if they clean it up properly after and are responsible with it.

    Modern life is so sanitised, there are lots of people who are just looking for a bit of wilderness, with a real campfire to get back to basics. Lots of "bushcraft" types. They just need to do it in the right way - nobody should know you're there or that you've been there.

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    Youtube and harmful videos

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