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Thread: RAB Neoshell Jacket Reliability - Hooded Area Destruction By Sweat

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    RAB Neoshell Jacket Reliability - Hooded Area Destruction By Sweat

    Hi, new user, seeking advice.

    I bought a RAB Nexus Alpine QXW-47 Neoshell jacket about a year ago. It's had minimal use and only then for walking or cycling. For a while now the hood area has had some discolouration which I put down to sweat (although it wouldn't clean out).

    As I'm preparing for a cycle ride overseas I'd come to do a gear inspection and found this area is worse than I first thought, the top mesh has come away and the layer underneath it has disintegrated into flakes, which is the cause of this discolour. That or the middle layer has delaminated.

    I can't see any obvious reason why it's affected only the hood area or why it's spreading other than that part might get sweaty when I'm cycling.

    Other than the warranty which I'm going to attempt, any thoughts on the cause? I'd rather not get another if it's only going to last a year.

    Regards, Andrew
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    Can't say the exact cause of this. I had an eVent jacket from Montane (back in 2009) and through constant rubbing (e.g. on a hat), the eVent inner showed a very similar kind of thing. It never lost its waterproofing however. I'm sure Rab will be able to help out.

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    Maybe test the waterproofing either in a shower or - given that it is a hood we're talking about - see if it'll still hold water if you use it as a bucket.

    Also ask RAB of course.

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