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    Anyone been to norway? Was really after as much info as possible as was thinking of going there next year to do some hiking.

    any adivce /suggestions on the places to go and best time to go would be greatly appreciated


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    There have been many discussions on this topic. Go to "Search for" and write "Norway" as your keyword and search in both "titles" and "messages". The dozens of threads that will pop up will probably answer your questions.

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    Ive been to norway a couple of times and i think the Lofoten islands are my favourite. You have quite the scenery there great peaks, a great place for hiking. Ive tried everything in norway: renting a camper, hiking around with a tent (you can stay for free if you take your tent). I think Ive been a dozen times in norway at least.

    Some sites you might find interesting: (for finding campings) (if you wanna go aurora hunting) (just because I really liked the guided tour I did with this travel agency in the Lofoten)

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    DNT is a good term to search on...

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    Someone told me that the Norwegians have been there !

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    You will need a Sherpa to carry your wallet. Scandanavia is seriously expensive. Try and take as much as you can from the UK.

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    The exchange rate with Norway is slightly more favourable than it has been for a few years. I actually find Norway only selectively expensive - yes, alcohol is very pricy, and hotels can be. But food isn't ridiculous, and public transport (train and bus) is pretty reasonable and very efficient. The DNT hut prices are also good, especially the self-service and unstaffed ones.

    I've been over 20 times in the winter for ski touring, but so far only managed one "summer" trip - that was in late Aug / early Sept and it was definitely the end of the season as far as Norwegians were concerned. I took my summer backpacking kit and it just about coped but I'd beef it up a bit another time - it snowed a couple of nights and hit -3c.

    That summer trip was to Trollheimen which is an excellent area and easily reached by train from Oslo (there's an album in my OM gallery). But you're spoilt for choice really. There's a guide book by Cicerone, a few years old now but it outlines routes in about 20 areas so isn't a bad thing to browse for ideas.

    Also you can view the excellent Norwegian relief mapping online at

    which is great until you're decided on an area as the paper maps can be a bit pricey to buy in the UK. The online maps also show the huts, marked summer and winter routes, roads and rail lines etc.

    You can get train info from the NSB website, or from the Deutsche Bahn site ( Info on buses is a bit more scattered but Norwaybussexpress and Nettbuss run a lot of long distance services out of Oslo, and google will turn up other local and regional operators.

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    8.5 year old bump post by Kathy there btw!

    If you wish to drink anything alcoholic bring in in with you - as much as you are allowed to, and risk a bit more. You'll thank me for this advice.

    But food isn't ridiculous,

    Em, have to disagree there.

    Supermarkets are just about bearable on the basics - and if you aren't willing to spend the dosh, if will be basic - but anything that involves human interaction (where the cost stems from due to high wages) is take a photo of the menu to show to the folks back home time.

    I brought in as much food as I could carry - lots of dehydrated meals were a godsend and that was being based in a city.

    It's an amazing country though -and the people are fantastic - hope to head back later this year.

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