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Thread: Paramo Fuera Smock or Montane litespeed Smock

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    Just looking at getting one of the above, & wanted to know, which of the above is better, and why?, or are they equal?.

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    The litepseed isn't a smock, it's a jacket with a hood. The Montane featherlight is a smock though. I've never used Paramo but I've been happy with my Litespeed.

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    Fuera - tougher, more water resistant but heavier.

    Featherlight - lighter, smaller but less water resistant and not as robust.

    I'd go for the Fuera if you're going to wear it a lot, or generally with a pack, the featherlight or Lightspeed if you'll generally be carrying it.

    Also look at Go-Lite's offerings - to my mind (well body) better cut than Montane's.

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    to add - can roll up the sleves of the fuera. will cut circulation to your hands if tried with a litespeed.

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