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Thread: tent hell

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    i am trapped in tent hell,
    cannot pick between
    vaude hogan ultralight 1,
    mountain hardwear pct 1,
    or ME AR ultralite.

    i'm 6'02" mainly uk use in the south west / wales but may get to do the gr20 next year, i get 3 or 4 trips per year up to a couple of nights and £150 is the top end of the budget.
    thoughts please .....and thank you

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    or the TNF particle 13

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    ME AR? The lightest I think. I've no real experience of the Vaude although generally I'm not a fan of these tents. Why not ring Paul Lewis at hike-lite who sell both of these tents. Paul's happy to talk about the pros and cons of all of his products.

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