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Thread: Women's soft shell recommendations please

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    Women's soft shell recommendations please

    Hi everyone,
    I'd be really grateful if anyone can help me please.
    I'm looking for a soft shell jacket, mainly for wind proofing on hills and coast paths. I'm 5' 3" tall and the ideal (back) length for me would be about 24 inches. Just about everything I have looked at is too long - can anybody recommend a brand that caters for slightly shorter people?

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    Consider getting a lightweight windproof top.
    They're usually cheaper, lighter and pack down smaller.
    My experience of what is generally considered a softshell (they do vary a lot) hasn't been good and I find them difficult to fit into a clothing system.
    The fully windproof ones tend to be sweaty and the stretch woven ones tend to be fine when you're quite active but can be fairly cold when you stop as they do usually let some of the wind through. And they're all considerably heavier and more bulky than a pertex windshirt that packs down to the size of an apple.
    A lightweight windshirt is more versatile and can be worn over a t-shirt or a lightweight fleece when it is cold.
    They can also be used to keep the sun off your arms if they're getting burnt on a hot day.
    I'm sorry I can't actually answer your question but I would first look at whether a 'softshell' is really the best choice.

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    Many thanks for replying. I'll have a look at those as well.

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