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Thread: Peak Walks near(ish) M1

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    Just wondered if anyone could recommend a decent walk in the Peak District? I'm going to be driving from London to Harrogate to visit family soon, and quite fancy stopping off for a good walk (and sleep in the van for a night) on the way.

    As I've started indoor climbing and hope to give the outdoor stuff a bash sometime in the distant future (i.e. summer), I thought the Stanage area might be good, just to have a look at some scary vertical stuff while I stomp around.

    Any bright ideas welcome!

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    Yep, Stanage would be good, or head further in towards Edale or similar then cut up via Langsett and back onto the M1 that way.

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    Head for Stanage

    Good walk from Hathersage along River Derwent to Froggatt or Curbar and back along edges

    Breakfast at Grindleford Cafe or Outside Shop in Calver (if you want to look for a bit of cheap gear)

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    Even Stanage is fair drag from the Motorway. I'd guess the nearest would be Warncliffe Woods near Stocksbridge just off J35a/J36.
    Long while since I've walked or biked there, but there are some crags there, not sure what they are like for climbing.

    Cafe wise abit limited though.

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    If you get bored of the family stuff.

    Brimham Rocks and Almscliffe arn't very far away from Harrogate.
    Almscliffe is no more than 15 mins from the town centre up Otley Road.
    Brimham is worth a visit just to see the rock formations and there's a cafe top dead centre.


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