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Thread: silnylon and tyvek retailers in the uk

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    It seems that all the American lightweight backpacking web-sites keep pushing silnylon and tyvek as the Wonder Material of the Millenium (tm).

    As it looks like these may be worth a gander, I was wondering whether any UK-based retailers deal in silnylon ponchos/groundsheets or the finished fabric by the metre, and/or small lengths of tyvek.

    Has anyone seen this for sale on this side of the Atlantic?


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    I guess silnylon would be somethgin like silicon elastomer coated nylon? Like the stuff used on MHW, and TNF tents. TN use SE coated outers, with PU on the inside of the fly, so seams can be taped.

    As for Tyvek I'm sorry, I haven't a clue!

    But I haven't heard of either ever. It's just a guess.

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    Tyvek, try Travis Perkins the builders merchant I saw somein my local onelast year.

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    look at sinylon thread on this page - i started this a couple of days ago - people have helped me out alot here

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    "Silnylon" seems to be a slightly broader term than the silicone elastomer coated high tenacity ripstops used by e,g, TNF, TN, Hilleberg etc. There are some PU coated nylons with "a silicone treatment" which I doubt would be as good (PU coats will heat-age the fabric far more than a SE coating).

    So I wouldn't stop asking questions at "is it silnylon?"


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    Point North do a silocone elastomer coated ripstop fabric (the first item on this page):

    Point North

    These guys also do Silnylon, but appear to be out of stock They're in Finland, but very helpful, speak English, and it's a lot more convenient than the USA!

    Shelby Kavaa I can't find a UK Tyvek source among my links, however.

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    Zombie thread alert: six years old...

    Tyvek is used for building purposes, so should be available form any builder's merchant. Unfortunately, probably only in huge rolls... Maybe worth trying to scrounge some from a building site skip...

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    18,105 Linking of the two recent threads.

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    Backpacking Light

    Link to BPL article on waterproof materials

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