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Thread: Access Charging Polocies

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    Interesting piece by Roger Smith, in the new issue, about trail taxes, i.e. giving local authorities and national parks the ability to raise a bed (or camping) tax on overnight stays.

    As Roger says, this kind of thing is common place in Europe. There has been much talk about doing this in our big cities (although no progress yet). There is no doubt that Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and London's local authorities could all benefit greatly from this.

    Yesterday my copy of Trek Magazine arrived. Trek is a wonderful French trekking magazine. (If you're French is reasonable there are details of it on my web page -

    Apparently, new legislation is going to be introduced to allow Ski resorts to charge (should they wish) for access to the Piestes. Ostensibly this will allow them to better cope with the environmental damage caused by skiers. But there is real concern that this will be used in a blanket way to charge for all access to the hill - in winter - thus ending the notion of hill walking being free. many people, of course still walk; snow shoe walking is becoming a very popular winter occupation.

    Worth watching this. I'm in favour of trail taxes but Trek reminds me that wording is important as we shape our arguments.

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    Another peculiarly English notion. . . . .

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    Trail Taxes!

    What a f£$%ing Liberty

    as Cathering Tate would say.

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