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    My wife and I live in the Merseyside area and used to go walking quite regularly but that was before we had twin boys. They are now two & a half years old and I think its time they were introduced to the hills. Does anyone out there have any good days or half days out that could do this. Also any tips on walking with young children would greatly be appreciated.

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    Try the visitors centre at Grisdale Forest (Lake District), they have routes marked in colours in order of diffculty and distance, there are also similar facilities at Winlatter Pass visitor's centre where there is a decent play area for the kids also.

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    I take kids from 6 to 16 (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) hillwalking in the pennines. I have just taken my grandson-6 yrs- on his first walk-4 miles. The trick is keep it shortish and interesting. Take a packed lunch of his/her choice (within reason!) and tell them what, where, why and how, when they ask. Kids are much more resilient than we (well, the Mothers) think!
    They continually suprise me. If their first walk gives them pleasure and not pain, they will be hooked, but be prepared for disapointment if they dont like it. Walking will not be to everybody's liking. However I hope you get as much out of it as I do. (go to For walks of all kinds (and kids) go to
    try walk number 430. You will need to become a member first, but it is free at the moment.
    Good luck.

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    when walking with my daughters when they were small we used to play games as we walked to break up what was to them a long trek.
    They carried a watch and we would guess how long it would take to reach the next rock, tree, cairn or whatever. Doing this breaks up a walk into manageable chunks.
    The same trick gets adults up munros when the spirits are flagging!

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